Spearhead nuclear power technology and develop clean energy


SNPTC bears the tasks of adjusting the national energy structure, ensuring energy safety, improving resource utilization efficiency, protecting ecological environment and developing clean energy.

The company, authorized by the State Council, signed agreement on behalf of the State to be the transferee of the 3rd generation nuclear power technology, to execute related engineering design and project management, and establish and form the brand of Chinese nuclear power technology through innovation after digestion and absorption of the imported technology; the role of the main carrier and research platform to accomplish the importing of the 3rd generation nuclear power technology, building the project and developing independently in a self-reliant manner. We bear the national mission of leading the nuclear power technology moving forward, pursuing a nuclear power development path of proprietary intellectual property rights with Chinese characteristics.

Boldly undertake the social obligations; firmly adhere to the policies of scientific and technical innovation, resource conservation, environment friendly and mankind beneficial; ultimately achieving the melodious mutualism of human being and nature, the harmonious development of enterprise and society.